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2009 A Mermaid Tale "Teresa"

2009 A Mermaid Tale
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Box Date: 2009
Condition Purchased: (both dolls) used
Body Types: 1999; bend & snap legs; flat feet
Head Mold: 2003
Dolls in Line: Ken; Steven; Barbie; "Teresa;" "Nikki"

***The doll on the right is wearing 2005 Beach Fun Barbie's outfit.

Personal Fun Fact: I have a very special place in my heart for Mermaid Tale Barbie, in particular, my first "Teresa" doll (shown on the left). She was one of the very first Barbies I added to my adult collection, and on top of that was one of the very first late 2000s dolls I ever owned. As a teenager, I took a five year hiatus from dolls. During that time, Barbie changed a lot as would be expected. By the time I reentered the doll world, in 2011, I was shocked by how different she had become. Many of the dolls I found at the flea market were "exotic" and different than the ones I grew up with. During that fall, I bought the infamous "Bratz Guy bin" which was loaded with scrappy Bratz and a few discarded Barbies. This doll was from that lot--and at first I rejected her. At the time, I wasn't "all in" with doll collecting again. Basically, I was cautious about which dolls I purchased as I didn't want my world to entirely revolve around dolls as it once had. I thought by limiting what I collected, I would somehow avoid being the same doll obsessed fool I had been when I was younger. But that plan was short lived, and eventually I realized just how fulfilling dollies were. So after a few months in the "yard sale container" which resided in our old hay trailer, this "Teresa" and the few other rejects came inside, were cleaned up, and officially joined the doll family. Of my several A Mermaid Tale dolls, she is most definitely my favorite. After all this time, she has become a dear, old friend. I really cannot fathom why I ever turned her away when she is so beautiful. Sadly, you can see a small nibble mark on her chin where a mouse chewed her, when she was not officially part of the family. But luckily I've made it up to her in recent years. Teresa never fails to capture my attention when I'm sorting through my dollies, and she gets lots of regular maintenance and love. I was also over the moon to finally mate her with a complete bikini in 2018!

My duplicated Teresa is on the right side of this photo. She too was a bin doll. I suppose it is kind of funny that most of my Mermaid Tale Barbies came from various lots over the years. In 2016, I found this lovely lady in the "Liv Clothing lot." Frustratingly enough, she was also missing her swimsuit top, just like my first doll. At least if she had only her top, I could have given it to my old doll, so she'd have a complete swimsuit (luckily this was rectified later on). Nonetheless, I was still thrilled to see a familiar, welcome face in the lot. She sadly has damaged face paint. She must not have been painted well in the first place. When I went to gently wash her, being that she wasn't really that dirty, her eyebrow flaked off. My sister thinks that even taking her missing eyebrow into consideration, that she is the prettiest of the pair. Flaws don't always take away from a doll's beauty! However, I felt so badly for this Teresa, that I opted to touch up her eyebrow paint, using some chalk pastels (for a less clumpy look). I'm really impressed with how it turned out--the damaged brow was on the left (when looking at her), and it's hardly noticeable these days. I should also mention that these dolls were technically not packaged as Teresa (thus the quotes I put around the name). In more recent times, Mattel got REALLY lazy when it came to giving dolls/lines distinguishing names. Clearly when looking at the back of the boxes for this collection, these dolls don't all represent Barbie. So for ease of identification, I denoted this gal as Teresa. It's far too confusing to go literally by the boxes from 2008 onward, due to the generic style packaging. Plus, my first thought when I saw my original doll was, "This must be some kind of Teresa."
Date: 2015-03-26 00:25:12

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I am trying to identify this Barbie I got from a flea market. Is she Barbie in a Mermaid Tale also? Mine does not have flat feet however.
pth23 2018-04-28 13:42:56
[] She does look very similar to my brunette Mermaid Tale doll, but her eye shadow is slightly different in color, and she doesn't have the flat feet as you said. She is probably from around the same time frame though--2009/2010. I don't know who she is off the top of my head, but if you search for dolls in that general time frame, you'll probably be able to identify her :)
A Thousand Splendid Dolls 2018-04-28 20:00:09
Thanks, I've looked for hours, and the Mermaid Tale is the closest I can find to her identity. There are some Princess Alexa's that are close as well, but again, the makeup is slightly different. Thanks again!
pth23 2018-04-29 12:15:29
[] She could be a variation of sorts--there is a Mermaid Tale 2 pack (I'm not sure what the dolls look like off the top of my head)--if you haven't already compared her to those dolls, it might be worth a try :)
A Thousand Splendid Dolls 2018-04-29 18:42:23

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